How to Quick Install WordPress and Supported Hosting

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Some hosting servers have the ability to easily install WordPress. No need to upload files or prepare a database. Here's how to do an quick install and which hosting servers are compatible with it.

What is Quick Install?

Quick Install is a feature that allows you to install WordPress in a few clicks from the management screen (control panel) of your hosting.

It is also known as automatic installation, simple installation and one-click installation.

No need to upload files to the hosting using FTP software or prepare your own database.

Quick Install Support Hosting

Here’s a list of hosting servers that allow for quick WordPress installations.

Filter and reorder by features. Use it to help you choose a hosting server.

Quick Install Instructions

Prepare site information

In order to install WordPress, you will need the following information Decide in advance.

Title of the site (blog)WordPress Site Name
*You can change it later from the WordPress admin page
UsernameUsername to log in to the WordPress admin panel
PasswordPassword for logging in to the WordPress admin panel
Email AddressWordPress administrator’s Email Address
*Specify a valid email address

Check the manual

Different hosting servers have different quick installation procedures. Check your hosting server’s manual.

If you can’t do a quick install

If you try to do a quick installation on some hosting servers, you may get an error.

If the quick installation fails, try the following.

Quick Installation Notes

For quick installation, keep the following in mind.

Some plans are not available

Some plans may not allow for quick installation.

Check before you sign up for a hosting server.

This is not the latest version

Some hosting servers may not be up to date with the latest version of WordPress if you install it with an quick install.

After installing WordPress, check your version and update it if it’s not up to date.

The latest version can be found in the following article.

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