How to Install WordPress

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This article explains how to install WordPress by type. What is installation, what types are available, and how to solve the problem if you can't install. It explains how to do this.

What is the install?

Installs are the process of adding software to your computer in a predetermined manner and setting it up for use.

Also called setup.

Where to install it?

In order for WordPress to work, you need to install it on your server.

Not every server can install WordPress on any server. The recommended server requirements can be found in the following article.

There are many hosting servers that allow you to install WordPress. You can learn more about how to choose a hosting server in the following article.

When choosing from a shared hosting, we’ve listed them for easy comparison. You can also filter and sort the list by features.

Information required for installation

When you install WordPress, there is some information you need to prepare in advance.

Depending on the installation method, some information may not be necessary (or configurable).

Database Information

This is the database information that WordPress connects to. If you have created the database beforehand, make a note of it.

Site Information

Prepare the information for the site you want to create in WordPress.

Type of installation

There are two ways to install WordPress

Explain each of these below.

Installation on the rental hosting

There are two ways to install WordPress on your contracted rental hosting: Quick install and Manual install.

Quick Install

Some servers have the ability to easily install WordPress and There is no need to upload a file or prepare a database.

There is no need to upload a file or prepare a database.

The following article will show you how to do an quick install and which servers are supported.

Manual Install

A manual install is when you upload the files of WordPress itself to the server and create and set up the database yourself.

The following article explains in detail the advantages/disadvantages of manual install, as well as how to install it, with captures.

Installation on the local environment

When customizing WordPress themes and plugins, you’ll need to set up and install a local environment to make WordPress work on your own Windows or Mac computer.

In the following article, I’m going to show you a tool that allows you to build a local environment and explain how to use Local to build a local environment and install WordPress.

What to do if you are unable to install

There are different ways to deal with it depending on the errors that are displayed during installation.

Database connection establishment error

Login screen is a 404 error

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