How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

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To install WordPress, you need hosting. Learn more about what server is, the different types of hosting, and even how to choose hosting.

What is Server?

A server is a high-performance computer that is connected to a network and provides services and data in response to requests from other computers (clients).

Depending on the service provided, it is called a web server, mail server, file server, print server, etc.

The server is assigned an IP address (Internet Protocol Address) enumerated with numbers, such as “”.

Servers are divided into the following three categories depending on the equipment purchased, the location, and the maintenance and monitoring.

In-House ServerHousingHosting
Purchase of EquipmentIn-HouseIn-HouseManagement Company
LocationIn-HouseManagement CompanyManagement Company
Maintenance & MonitoringIn-HouseManagement CompanyManagement Company

An In-House Server is a method of installing servers in a facility and performing everything from purchasing to maintenance and monitoring in-house.

Housing is a method of purchasing and configuring your own servers, and then depositing them in a data center.

In-House Server and Housing tend to be more expensive to run. It is also necessary to secure human resources to run the business.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend the following Hosting.

What is a Hosting?

A Hosting is a service that rents part or all of a server to an individual or corporation.

It is also called a hosting service or server hosting. The maintenance and monitoring of the server is done by the hosting operator.

Types of Hosting

There are different types of Hosting, and each one has its own characteristics.

Shared HostingDedicated ServerVPSCloud Server
PriceA few dollars to a few tens of dollarsTens to hundreds of dollarsA few dollars to a few tens of dollarsTens to thousands of dollars
Influenced by Other UsersInfluencedNot InfluencedNot InfluencedNot Influenced
Administrative (root) Authority ×

Shared Hosting

A single physical server is shared with multiple users.

You can use the server for less, but there is a limit to the amount of transfer you can use.

Dedicated Server

A single physical server can be occupied. It will not be affected by other users.


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Multiple virtual servers are created on a single physical server and assigned to users, allowing them to freely install operating systems and apps.

Cloud Server

Similar to a VPS, users are assigned a virtual server.

The difference with VPS is that you can flexibly expand the server specifications (CPU, memory, storage) according to the scale.

The Cost of a Hosting

To rent a Hosting, you often need to pay two fees: an initial fee and a monthly fee.

Some cloud servers are pay-as-you-go based on time and amount of transfer.

You may also be able to get a discounted rate plan depending on the length of your contract.

How to choose a Hosting

Here are 7 points you should check when choosing a Hosting.

1. WordPress can be installed

You may not be able to install WordPress on a free Hosting. Make sure you are meeting the server requirements.

2. Change Plan

Make sure you can easily change your plan, such as if you suddenly have more access.

3. Fast Display Speed

Check if you are using SSD or web servers such as Nginx or LiteSpeed, or if you can use your own cache function or not.

4. SSL is Available

There are Hosting that offer free SSL, check the types of SSL certificates, etc.

5. There is an Automatic Backup

Make sure it backs up automatically, just in case. Also check how long the backup will last and whether it will cost you money when you restore.

6. Support System

Find out if they can help you by phone or email. These days, there are also rental server companies that support live chat.

7. Stable Operation

Check that you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place and that your uptime is at least 99.99%.

How to Choose a Hosting

Here’s how to choose a Hosting to install WordPress on.

Decide on the type of Hosting you want to rent

First, you need to decide whether you want a shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS, or cloud server.

Check the features you need

Find out what features are necessary for your site.

Multiple Domains

If you want to run multiple sites, you need to be able to support multiple domains.

Transfer Amount

The amount of data transferred is the amount of all the data that is transferred when a user visits a website.

Shared Hosting may have transfer limits.

If the maximum transfer amount is 4TB, 4MB per page, the server may be restricted if it exceeds 1 million page views.


You need images, CSS, JavaScript, videos, and other files to display the page.

Find out how much storage you need based on the size of your site. Consideration will be given to the growth of the site.

At 4MB per page, 1000 pages require 4GB of space.

Hosting with WordPress

We’ve compiled a list of Hosting that work with WordPress by type.

Find Shared Hosting

We have compiled a list of shared hosting where WordPress can be installed. You can narrow down or sort by function. Use this to help you choose the best shared hosting for you.

Find Dedicated Server

InMotion Hosting
Liquid Web

Find VPS

AWS Lightsail

Find Cloud Server

Amazon AWS EC2
Alibaba Cloud
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud

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