What is the WordPress mascot Wapuu? Name and License

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Explain the origin of the name and license of the WordPress character Wapuu. I introduce other sites where you can see other Wapuu designs from where to get illustration materials.

What is Wapuu?

Wapuu is the official mascot character of ja.wordpress.org.

It was presented at WordCamp Fukuoka on February 19, 2011.


The origin of the character’s name

The name was open to the public on August 2, 2011, and the vote went to “Wappy”.

However, since there was a rental server company called Wappy, Wapuu, which came in second place in the poll, was chosen.


The illustration was created by Kazuko Kaneuchi, a WordPress community member in Fukuoka.


Wapuu is released under GPL ver2 or later compatible license as well as WordPress. You can also use it in plugins and themes.

Wapuu’s copyright belongs to Kazuko Kaneuchi, who created the character.

If you want to sell Wapuu merchandise at a WordPress-related event, talk to ja.wordpress.org.

WordPress licensing is explained in the article below.

Get Illustration Materials

PNG image

You can download PNG format image files. The size is 378px x 382px.

Download PNG images

SVG file

You can download the SVG file from Github.

Download the SVG file

PDF file

You can download the PDF file in vector format.

Download the PDF file

Material files by parts

You can download the ai/pdf/SVG file of the dismembered parts of Wapuu.


Download the material

Types of Wapuu

There are many types of Wapuu designed by different people, and local Wapuu are created when WordPress events are held.

I’ll show you a site that collects various wapuu.


Wapuu Archives





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