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WordPress has a lot of features, even as a standard. Here is a list of what features are available. You can also extend the functionality further by including a plugin.

Front screen

WordPress allows you to dynamically generate pages and display the data you’ve registered on the admin screen.

Page Display

WordPress uses templates to generate pages from data stored in a database.

Posts List PageDisplay Posts in a list
Single Posts PageDisplay what you have entered in the Posts editing screen
PagesDisplay your edits on a Pages
Category PageDisplay the Categories in a list
Tag PageDisplay the Tags in a list
Custom Post Type PageDisplay a list of Custom Post Type
Custom Taxonomy PageDisplay the Custom Taxonomy in a list
User pageDisplay a list of posts by users
Date pageDisplay a list of posts by date
Search Results PageDisplay the results of your search post
404 pagesDisplay in case of a 404 error
Attachment pageDisplay the contents of each attachment

Loads Parts

WordPress allows you to include (load) part templates such as headers and footers by writing template tags.

HeaderHeader templates loaded and displayed
SidebarSidebar templates loaded and displayed
FooterFooter templates loaded and displayed
CommentComment templates loaded and displayed
Search formSearch form templates loaded and displayed

Display Data

WordPress comes with many template tags. The data registered in the database can be output.

Data OutputDisplay site information, titles, URLs, etc
Loop (repeat)Display the post repeatedly

Management screen

WordPress has a management screen where you can edit articles and set settings.


Password AuthenticationLogin with your username/password
Password ResetSend an email to your registered email address to reset your password
Save Login StatusSelect if you want to keep your login for 14 days


LogoutCan log out


User search/listSearch, refine and list users
Add New UserCreate a brand new user and add them to site
User RoleAssign a role to each user
ProfileSet a nickname, email address, etc. for each user


DashboardSet the screen options
UpdatesUpdate WordPress, themes, and plugins


Post Search / ListSearch, refine, and list posts
Add New/EditAdd and edit posts
Block EditorEach paragraph, image, or video content displayed as a block
Editor SwitchSwitch between the Visual and Code editor
Page BreakSplit a single post into multiple pages
ShortcodeCalling functions with short code
Save DraftSave your unfinished articles before they are published
Auto SaveAutomatically save while editing the article
RevisionBack up your post when you save it
PreviewCheck how the content of your edited article displays before it’s published
Password ProtectedProtected with a password you choose. Only those with the password can view this post
Booking PostPosts posted with a date and time in the future
PublishPosts Published
Fullscreen modeWork without distraction
Welcome GuideDisplays the use of the Block Editor
Keyboard ShortcutsOperate the screen with shortcut keys
CategoriesCategorize your posts
TagsTag and label your articles
Custom Post TypeCreate a new and different post in addition to a Posts or Pages
Custom TaxonomiesAdd Custom Post Type with own categories


File UploadsJust drop a file, such as an image, and upload it


PagesCreate independent pages


CommentsSet whether or not comments are allowed on a per-post basis
NotificationSet to notify by email when a comment is posted
ModerationWait for approval when a comment gets posted
Pingback/TrackbackNotify the blogs built with WordPress when they link to each other


ThemesEasily switch between designs
CustomizeCustomize the blog’s design while previewing it
WidgetAdd parts such as meta information, archives, etc. to the sidebar, etc
MenuCreate and configure the navigation menu
BackgroundSet a background image for your blog
Theme EditorEdit the theme file directly


PluginsAdd features to WordPress with ease
Plugins EditorEdit the plugin file directly


ImportImport posts and comments from non-Western systems
ExportDownloads of Posts, Pages, Comments, Custom fields, Categories, Tags, etc. as XML files
Categories and Tags ConverterConvert a category to a tag or a tag to a category
Site HealthNotify and check security and performance


Site LanguageChange the language used on the admin screen
TimezoneChange the Timezone
Date/Time FormatChange the format of the date and time
Homepage displaysSelect latest posts or Pages
Blog pages show at mostSet the number of posts to display on one page
PermalinkCustomize your permalinks and archive URLs


MultisiteManage multiple WordPress sites on a single server

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