What’s new in WordPress 5.4? New features and changes

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On March 31, 2020, WordPress 5.4 Adderley released. Available for update and download now. What's changed in WordPress 5.4, what's new and what's changed.

WordPress 5.4 Release Date

WordPress 5.4 is the first major release of 2020 and released on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

The development cycle for WordPress 5.4 had the following schedule.

February 11, 2020Beta 1
February 18, 2020Beta 2
February 25, 2020Beta 3
March 3, 2020RC 1
March 10, 2020RC 2
March 17, 2020RC 3
March 24, 2020RC 4
March 25, 2020RC 5
March 30, 2020Pre-Release Exercise
March 31, 2020Release

On April 29, 2020, WordPress 5.4.1 released. This is a security update that fixes the vulnerability.

On June 10, 2020, WordPress 5.4.2 released. This is a security update that fixes the vulnerability.

WordPress 5.4 Codenames

WordPress codenames themselves after jazz musicians.

WordPress 5.4 named Adderley after the American jazz musician Nat Adderley.

Nat Adderley Work Song – YouTube

Server requirements for WordPress 5.4

The following requirements apply to run WordPress 5.4.

How to get WordPress 5.4

WordPress 5.4 available on the download page.

WordPress 5.4 download page
Figure 1.WordPress 5.4 download page

Please refer to the article below on how to download WordPress.

How to update WordPress 5.4

To update to WordPress 5.4 click the Update Now button on the Update page of your dashboard.

Be sure to back up your files and database before a major update.

You will be in maintenance mode during the update.

Update to WordPress 5.4
Figure 2.Update to WordPress 5.4

New features and changes in WordPress 5.4

When I updated to WordPress 5.4, there were some new features and changes, such as.

It reports a 14% reduction in editor loading time and a 51% reduction in input time.

Gutenberg Block Editor

Welcome Guide

After updating to WordPress 5.4, the description of the block editor appears in a modal.

Welcome Guide
Figure 3.Welcome Guide

Fullscreen mode

The block editor displays in Fullscreen mode. If you’ve updated from WordPress 5.3, you’ll see it in the mode you last enabled.

To turn off the Fullscreen mode, do the following.

  1. Click on the menu icon at the top right
  2. Uncheck Fullscreen Mode
Fullscreen mode
Figure 4.Fullscreen mode

Text Color

It is now possible to specify a color for specific characters in a paragraph. Select a character, press the ▼ button, and select the color you want to specify.

Text Color
Figure 5.Text Color

Button block

It is now possible to arrange many buttons in a row. Also, it is now possible to specify a gradient for the background color of the button.

Button block
Figure 6.Button block

Cover block

Added the ability to specify a gradient for the background color of the cover block.

Cover block
Figure 7.Cover block

New block

Social icons and TikTok added as new blocks.

New block
Figure 8.New block

Featured image

Added the ability to register featured images by drag and drop.

Featured image
Figure 9.Featured image

Selecting many blocks

Selecting many blocks by clicking or dragging while holding down the Shift key.

Selecting many blocks
Figure 10.Selecting many blocks

Site Health Status

Notifications about site performance and security have added to the dashboard.

Site Health Status
Figure 11.Site Health Status

Changes for developers

The following changes come for developers of themes and plugins

Calendar Widget

The HTML for outputting calendar widgets has changed. The navigation link has moved to the nav element following the table element.

Theme Requirements

You can list the WordPress and PHP versions you need for your theme. Write the following in style.css

Requires PHP:Required PHP version
Requires at least:Required WordPress version

New function

The apply_shortcodes function has added. This is an alias for the do_shortcode function that displays the shortcode.

New Action

wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields added. Add custom fields to navigation menu items.

Custom shortcut

Added the ability to add keyboard shortcuts to the block editor.

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