What is Full Site Editing in WordPress?

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This page explains about Full Site Editing (FSE), which will be implemented in WordPress, introduces themes that support FSE, and explains how to actually try Full Site Editing.

What is Full Site Editing?

Full Site Editing is a feature that allows you to edit all parts of your site, including the header, footer, and sidebar, in a block editor.

It is also called FSE, an acronym for Full Site Editing, and will be available from WordPress 5.8 onwards if you install a theme that supports full site editing.

Full site editing has the advantage that the site operator can change the design of the website without having to write any code.

Themes that support Full Site Editing

If you narrow down the search in the official WordPress theme directory by “Full Site Editing”, the following four themes support full site editing.

Themes that support full site editing

How to test Full Site Editing

Here’s how to try full site editing in WordPress 5.7.

Currently, full site editing is an experimental feature, so please do not try it on a production site. Try it in your local environment.

Prepare a local environment

The following article explains how to set up a local environment, from downloading Local to setup.

Install the plugin

Gutenberg plugin is required to try full site editing.

Click Install Now.

Installing Gutenberg

Click Activate.

Activate Gutenberg

Install the theme

The following is an example of TT1 Blocks, a theme that supports full site editing.

  1. Search for “TT1 Blocks”.
  2. Click Install.
Installing TT1 Blocks

Click Activate.

Enabling TT1 Blocks

Open the Site Editor (Beta)

After activating “Gutenberg” and “TT1 Blocks”, the site editor (beta) will be added to the admin menu.

Click on Site Editor (Beta) to do a full site edit.

Site Editor

The index page will be displayed.

index page

Edit the header and other information on the index page.

  1. Click List View.
  2. Click on the area you want to edit (e.g. Header).

The header section is now selected on the right side of the screen.

List view

Edit templates other than the index page.

  1. Click on the logo.
  2. Click on the template (e.g. Single Post).
Selecting a template

Single Post page is now displayed.

Single Post Page
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