How to use the WordPress Duotone Filter

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This article explains how to use the Duotone filter to apply duotones to photos in WordPress. It starts with an explanation of duotones and includes examples of duotone designs.

What is Duotone?

Duotone is a design in which two colors are combined to create an expression. It is also called double tone.

The use of two colors that are complementary can make the subject of a photo stand out and change the mood.

Duotones can be processed with Photoshop’s gradient map.

WordPress Duotone Filters

Duotone filters is a feature that allows you to apply a duotone to images uploaded to WordPress.

The Duotone filter will be available in WordPress 5.8 and later.

Try it now by installing the latest Gutenberg plugin (10.6 or later).

The following article provides more information about WordPress 5.8.

How to use the Duotone Filter

The Duotone filter can be used on the image and video in the cover block as well as on the image block.

Apply Duotone Filter

Let’s apply the Duotone filter to the Image Block.

Select an Image Block and click Apply Duotone Filter.

Apply Duotone Filter

Let’s try Dark grayscale, which comes in eight assorted color combinations.

Dark grayscale

The Duotone filter has been applied to the photo.

Duotone filter has been applied to the photo

Specify your own colors.

In addition to the default preset, you can specify your own favorite colors. Specify your favorite colors for Shadows and Highlights.

Select a duotone color

The Duotone filter could be applied with the two colors I selected.

Apply Duotone Filter

Clicking on Custom color will allow you to specify the color in hexadecimal.

Custom color

Clear the Duotone Filter

To clear the Duotone filter, select the block to which the filter has been applied and do the following.

  1. Click Apply Duotone Filter
  2. Click the Clear button
Clear the duotone filter

Duotone filters cleared.

Clear duotone filter

Example of Duotone Design

In King of Soul, Duotone is used.

King of Soul
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