Can’t log in to WordPress? 13 solutions

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The solution to the problem of not being able to log in to the WordPress admin screen or not seeing the login screen.

When the login screen appears

Check the correct username and password

In some cases, you can’t log in because you typed your username and password. As you type, check the following

Enter Email Address

Forgot your username? You can also log in with your registered email address.

Delete Cookie

Sometimes you can’t log in due to cookies in your browser, try deleting your cookies.

Check the following for information on how to delete cookies in each browser.

Confirm that login restrictions have not been set

If a 403 error occurs after clicking the login button, it is likely that the server is restricting access.

Check server manuals, etc.

Reset password

If you forget your password, Lost your password? link.

Lost your password?
Figure 1.Lost your password?

Receive an email about resetting your password.

  1. Enter the username or email address
  2. Click on the Get New Password button
Get New Password
Figure 2.Get New Password

You will receive an email to your registered email address where you can reset your password.

Click on the link.

Password reset email
Figure 3.Password reset email

The screen for entering a new password will appear.

  1. Enter new password
  2. Click on the Reset Password button
Enter a new password
Figure 4.Enter a new password

Your password has been reset. Click on Login and you will see the login screen.

Log in with your new password.

Password reset completed
Figure 5.Password reset completed

When the login screen does not appear

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet

Make sure that your internet connection is not disconnected. If you can’t see it when you go to other sites, you don’t have an internet connection.

If you are connecting with a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), try to connect to a wired LAN. If you can’t connect to the internet on your computer, check to see if you can connect to Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi on other devices, there may be a problem with your router or line. Contact support.

Check Login URL

If the login screen is not displayed, the login URL may be incorrect.

The URL of the login screen is different depending on where you have WordPress installed.

The URL for the login screen explains in detail in the following article, so please refer to it.

Disabling Plugins

If you install a new plugin or update it and then can’t log in with a 404 error, disable the plugin.

Rename the folder called plugins in the wp-content folder by using FTP software.

Renaming a plugin folder
Figure 6.Renaming a plugin folder

If you are able to log in, it’s because of a plugin you installed or updated before the problem occurred. Let’s stop it.

Once the problem solved, put the plugins folder name back into plugins.

Disabling Theme

If you install a new theme or if you are unable to log in after an update, disable the theme.

You can change the name of a folder in “wp-content/themes” by using FTP software. Renaming the folder will enable Twenty-Twenty.

Figure 7.Rename theme folder
Figure 7.Rename theme folder

If you are able to log in, this is due to a theme you installed or updated before the problem occurred. Let’s stop it.

Once you’re logged in, change to a different theme.

Create a new file for the login screen

If your login screen file “wp-login.php” breaks, we will replace it with a new file.

  1. Remove wp-login.php using FTP software
  2. Download the latest WordPress
  3. Reuploaded wp-login.php
wp-login.php re-upload
Figure 8.wp-login.php re-upload

Open wp-login.php and look for one line below.

$user_login = $user_data["user_login"];

Rewrite and save the data as follows.

$user_login = $user_data->user_login;
wp-login.php edit
Figure 9.wp-login.php edit

Change the site address (URL)

In some cases, you cannot log in after changing the site address (URL) of the management screen.

Download wp-config.php using FTP software.

wp-config.php download
Figure 10.wp-config.php download

Add the following line before “That’s all ~” in the wp-config.php that you downloaded.

define( 'RELOCATE', true );
/* That's all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */
Add Code
Figure 11.Add Code

Upload wp-config.php in the same place and save the overwrite.

When you access the URL where you installed WordPress + wp-login.php, you will see the login screen.

After logging in, the site address (URL) of the administration screen returns. After putting it back, this time, delete the one line you added to wp-config.php and re-upload it.

Regenerate .htaccess

If you redirect from the login screen to another page, your .htaccess file may have been rewritten.

Save an existing file and regenerate it.

Download the .htaccess file using your FTP software and delete the file on your server.

htaccess file replacement
Figure 12.htaccess file replacement

Log in from the login screen. Click the Save Changes button in the permalink settings on the admin screen.

.htaccess file regenerates.

Setting up a permalink
Figure 13.Setting up a permalink

Make sure you’re not opening

When I search for “WordPress login”, I don’t see your site’s login screen in the search results.

The login screen that appears in the search results is the login screen. This is a blog type WordPress, not an install type.

Below is the login screen for Let’s not get it wrong.'s login screen
Figure’s login screen

Post to the forum

If you have tried the above and it doesn’t work, WordPress has a forum. Ask questions on the forum.

The more detailed you are in your post, the more likely you are to resolve it.

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