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This tool allows you to check and calculate the number of words in real time by typing or pasting text. It also supports voice input, reading out and auto save.

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What is a Word Counter?

This is an online tool for counting words. Type or paste text and it will count the number of words in real time.

Also, to the number of words, it also counts the number of characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages. It can be used in a variety of situations.

This tool is available for free. It is compatible with smartphones as well as computers. The text you enter is not stored on the server.

How to use the Word Counter

Functions of the Word Counter

Word Count

Counts the number of words entered in the text area in real time. Also, to the number of words, the following targets are also counted.

Count TargetCount Rules
WordsCount the number of words.
CharactersIt counts as one character.

Space:ON→one character
HTML tag:ON→include HTML tags
Line break:ON→one character

Some pictograms (e.g. 👍🏻 and 👨‍👨‍👦 ) may be counted as more than one character.
SentencesCount the number of sentences.
ParagraphsCounts the number of paragraphs.
PagesThe number of pages is counted when writing on A4 paper.

The number of characters per A4 size page is calculated based on 3,050 characters (assuming 5.1 characters per word and one space between each word).

Voice input

Allows you to input text by voice. It will recognize what you say and enter it in the text area.

The voice input function is only available in Google Chrome.

Click on the microphone to start voice recognition, then speak.

When you use the voice input function for the first time, please allow it when you see the message “Translation is asking for access to your microphone.

If you want to quit speech recognition in the middle, click on the microphone again. If there is no recognition for one minute during speech recognition, it will automatically end.

Speech reading

Reads out the text as you type.

The read aloud function is available only in Google Chrome.

Click on the speaker to start reading out loud.

Click on the speaker again if you want to end the reading in the middle.

Change text size

Change the font size of the text. Each click will switch between the default and larger font size.

Change font

Change the font type of the text. The following three font types can be changed.


Copies the input text to the clipboard.


We have prepared a link that allows you to share the number of characters counted via SNS or e-mail. Please use this link to share the counted characters with your followers and friends.

Auto Save

Automatically saves the text you have entered. Even if you close the browser, the saved text will be displayed when you open this tool again.

By default, the AutoSave function is turned off.

Data is saved in the browser’s local storage when AutoSave is turned on. When AutoSave is turned off, the data will also be deleted.


Resets the entered text.

How to use word counting

Use a word count to protect your word count when there is a character limit, such as the following


For example, in university report assignments, the number of words is often specified as “within ○○ words” or “about ○○ words. It is also common to see specifications for paper size, such as “no more than ○○ sheets of A4 paper.

If there are instructions given by the teacher, follow them. If there are no clear instructions, it is recommended that you check in advance.


For graduation theses and academic papers, the number of characters is specified as “at least XX words and no more than XX words. In addition to the number of words, the type and size of the font are often specified.

In some cases, there is a word limit for the abstract. Please check the requirements of the organization to which you are submitting your paper to make sure there is no problem.

Posting on SNS

Each social networking site has a set number of characters that can be posted at one time.

Manuscripts for seminars and presentations

The number of words a person speaks in one minute is 150-180.

If you check the word count before you give a seminar or presentation, you will have a better idea of how long it will take you to speak. If you have time, adjust the number of words in your manuscript so that you can speak within that time.

In a seminar, it is advisable to allow plenty of time for questions and answers and unexpected problems.

On-Demand Media Articles

When a writer writes an article for owned media, the client may suggest how many words or more to write

Please check the word count before delivering the article. You can also calculate your earnings if the unit price is set by the number of words.

Titles and descriptions

When a blogger or SEO creates a title or description, check the character count.

Depending on the number of characters, the second half may be omitted from Google’s search results.

Other word counts


In Microsoft Word, the word count is displayed in the status bar.

Word Character Count
  1. Select [Review].
  2. Select [Word Count].
Word Character Count

The “Word Count” pops up. You can see the following statistics

When “Include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes” is checked, text entered in text boxes, footnotes, and endnotes will also be counted.


In Microsoft Excel, there are two functions that count the number of characters in a cell: the LEN function and the LENB function.

To use the LEN function, enter “=LEN(text)”. LEN returns the number of characters in a text string.

For the LENB function, enter “=LENB(text)”. LENB returns the number of bytes used to represent the characters in a text string.

Google Document

In Google Docs, select [Tools] > [Word Count] to display the [Word Count] screen.

If you check the “Display word count while typing” checkbox, you can check the word count as you type.

Topics on Word Count

How Many Words Can a Person Read in 1 Minute?

It is said that the number of characters a person can read in 1 minute is 200-250.

A single sheet of manuscript paper can be read in one minute. However, please note that the number may vary depending on the reader and the environment.

The number of words a person can speak in one minute

It is said that the number of words a person can speak in one minute is 150-180.

Please refer to this guide when making a 1-minute speech, 3-minute speech, or 5-minute speech. If you are nervous, you may end up speaking too fast. It is recommended that you rehearse your speech by reading it aloud beforehand.

Number of characters per A4 page

It depends on the font size and the number of characters per line.

Assuming 5.1 characters per word and one space between each word, that’s 3050 characters.

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